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The enchanting beauty of Kuching, Malaysia

The most peaceful destination of Malaysia, Kuching is an ideal holiday spot for people looking for a break from the daily hustle - bustle of life. Replete with vivid sites to explore, fingerlicious food, warm people and plenty of adventurous activities to try out, the city is a complete package for refreshing holidays.
This write-up mainly focuses on the major highlights of the city, which one must not miss while exploring the untamed beauty of Kuching.

So let’s start up with-

Where to go?
The Sarawak Cultural Village:

Also known as the ‘Living Museum’, this village was intentionally set up to conserve the thousand years old Sarawak’s cultural heritage, so that it could be showcased for the travelers and coming generation of the country.

Any visit to Kuching is incomplete without descending to this highly ethnic village. Right from traditional dances to ear soothing music, mouthwatering food to lively surroundings, everything is available here to make your visit a memorable one.

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Tua Pek Kong Temple:

Tua Pek Kong is the oldest Chinese temple located in the city. Built in the year 1843, it is always crowded with travelers and locals, alike. The architecture and art used to make it is something worth seeing once in a lifetime.

Kuching Waterfront:

Picturesque surroundings and soothing atmosphere- Kuching Waterfront is an ideal place to spend some romantic time with the love of your life. For party freaks the place transforms into a street from Las Vegas with its all glittery neon lights and youngsters. Here, don’t miss out the chance to taste the traditional Malay grilled fish, along with other famous dishes. Kuching Waterfront nightlife helps travelers to rejuvenate themselves from the tiring day schedule.

Fort Margherita:

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Built in the year 1879, now the  Fort Margherita has been converted into a Police Museum. Here you can check out the formerly used guns, pistols, swords, cannons, cannonballs and other things used by the police department of the country in the bygone era.

Gunung Gading National Park:

Just a couple of hours away, the Gunung Gading National Park is a home to the world’s largest flower- the Rafflesia. This flower can grow up to 1 diameter in size and has a filthy smell. There is no specific time for the flower to bloom, thus whenever you visit this park, there are chances you might get to see this world largest flower. Apart from this you can also relish a walk in the forest and admire the greenery around.

What to do?
Bidayuh Longhouse Adventure:

To undergo the fun of Bidayuh Longhouse Adventure, make sure to spend some time at the Borneo Highland Resort. The resort offers overnight packages, under which you can try out lots of adventurous activities like- trekking around the jungle, bamboo rafting, etc. While when it comes to the gastronomy, the resort serves you with all types of local dishes along with home-brewed rice wine, exclusively made for you.

Scuba Diving:

If you are planning to try out some scuba diving fun at Kuching, then prefer visiting the city from April to September. The colorful life underneath the water can make anybody go awestruck. See different breeds of turtles or visit the Japanese shipwreck sunk during World war II.

Kuching Kayaking:

Kayaking is not limited to the sea hither, as you can also relish the untamed charm of the rainforests of Kuching by Kayaking.  Exclusive sights and moments to cherish for a lifetime, this place serves you with everything.

Semadang Kayaking & Bamboo Rafting:

Are you a nature lover, who loves to cherish the great art of the God through adventurous? If yes, then take up the adventuresome ride of Bamboo rafting in the Borneo Highlands.

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Heavenly abode of Malé - Maldives

The capital city of Maldives, Malé is a heavenly abode for travelers looking forward for some peace and relaxation. Replete with awestruck travel sights and endless things-to-do, the island is visited by numerous visitors from every corner of the globe. A perfect tropical paradise decorated with beautiful white beaches, turquoise lagoons, crystal clear sea water and mouth watering food choices is a must visit for travelling enthusiasts.

Ideal time to visit 
The island’s tropical monsoon climate makes it look even livelier with its every shower. There is no particular time of the year to visit Malé as the place enjoys good weather throughout the year.  But, if you really want to relish the best of weather, surroundings, food and hotel choices, then consider choosing April as your ideal time to explore the beauty of  Malé island.

What Malé has in its store for you to give you a real retreat this vacation?


Maldives Tour Packages

Enchanting sights to explore!
Replete with numerous attractions, Malé has a lot to offer you when it comes to exploring its perfect sights. The Grand Friday Mosque which was created by Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar is one of the must visit monuments of this island. Splendidly crafted walls and peaceful ambiance is something every traveler descending here cherishes.

For a historically inclined experience, one must visit the Esjehi art gallery, which is a perfect storehouse of island’s artistic treasures.

Hulhumale is an artificial island. A short boat ride away from Malé, this peaceful abode is known for its untouched natural treasures and picturesque sights. Dotted with numerous restaurants and cafes, it is a perfect break from the fast pace life that we are living in metro cities.

Shopping is my Cardio

Shopping in Malé is a real delight to ponder into. With so much to choose from, the markets here will confuse you to the core while choosing what to buy and what not to buy. Tourists descending to the Maldives make sure to travel this island just to shop for exclusive local handicrafts and souvenirs. From designer clothes labeled under local brand to pickles, homemade sweets to seafood, you will get everything in here.

Ceaseless beaches to relax at 

Are you looking for the most incredible beach experience of your lifetime? If yes, then nothing can beat the crystal clear lagoons and exotic surroundings of Malé beaches. The breathtaking beauty and serene environs are a lot to handle here. Amazingly made resorts and world-class hospitality, what else one could ask for a peaceable vacation. The facility for adventurous travelers is well taken care of on this island. Activities like parasailing, snorkeling, windsurfing, fishing and scuba diving can be enjoyed at Malé island.

Oh so yummy food!

A promised land for food lovers, Malé offers a wide variety of food to savor. Right from Chinese gastronomy to Italian pizza slices, spicy Asian taste to European style healthy dishes, the island is a real retreat for people who can travel extremes to taste something finger licking good. Here you will find many tea shops lined up everywhere, from where you can hop-on for light snacks, non-alcoholic drinks and a refreshing cup of tea.

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Top Tourist Places to Visit in Asia in June and July

Avid travelers from around the world find Asia as a perfect leisure touring place and love to spend their desirable vacations in this heaven. The rich cultural heritage, the picture perfect beaches, the mind blowing architecture and the breathtaking natural beauty, Asia has everything far spread in its nooks and corners. Moreover, for Europeans and Americans it is much cheaper to travel in the continent, for the entire pound, euro and dollar power they carry with them.

Here we bring you some of the top tourist places in Asia to visit in June and July.


It is a destination which is celebrated around the world for its immaculate picturesque beauty. Holiday in India guarantees a joyful experience that will be eternal. Beautiful hill stations and destinations reminding of the past history, stately palaces and tombs, educational sites, extended and exotic coastline, serene backwaters, houseboats, luxurious and heritage hotels, environment with blessed landscapes, etc everything together make your Indian vacation an unforgettable one. There is no dearth of holiday destinations in India which makes it a top tourist destination in Asia to visit in June and July. The amazing coastline of Goa and Kerala where the entire air is filled with enigmatic romance, which totally leaves you mesmerized. Kashmir, Mussoorie, Kullu, Manali, Nainital, Shimla, Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Ooty, Gangtok, Kodaikanal, Munnar, etc are some of the very famous hill stations in India, which are perfect for serene and cheery summer vacations in India. If you want to enjoy the cultural and heritage sites on your holiday, you must visit Rajasthan, Delhi, Agra, Hyderabad, Aurangabad, Mumbai, Khajurao etc. Ajanta and Ellora Caves and Khajurao temples are two places where you can experience the Indian cultural heritage. This superlative subcontinent does not even leave the wildlife fanatics disappointed. There are several bird sanctuaries, wildlife sanctuaries, tiger reserves in India where you can enjoy the wildlife. Some of the famous wildlife parks are Ranthambhore National Park, Corbett National Park, Kaziranga National Park, Kanha National Park, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, and Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Holidays in India
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This country doesn't seem to get exhausted of getting millions of tourists every year. One of the most beautiful islands, Thailand tops the Asian destination charts. Most visited places here happen to be Phuket and Bangkok. Magnificent beaches are undeniably a treat and for the people who love to shop, Bangkok is the place. Shop your hearts out and still you can have loads of money to spend on resorting, water sports and food.  Thai food is one of the major reasons vacationers flock this place. It is amazingly lip smacking and cheap too. Street food in Bangkok is something you cannot miss. Roadside eateries offer authentic Thai cuisine. Other international cuisines are also easily available in the restaurants in Thailand. Food and shopping are reasons Thailand makes it to the list of top tourist places in Asia to visit in June and July.


Indonesia is the largest archipelago of the world which consists of more than 17 thousand islands. If you want to see nature at its best then Indonesia is the best place to spend your holiday. They have various tourist attractions to boast, which have the best modern amenities to make your holiday a comfortable one. It is also the world renowned tourist destinations for their beaches, museums and temples and of course for its magnificent scenic beauty. Travelers, historians and other visitors never miss to stop by and take pictures in their famous towering temples and grand pagodas. But of course one can't possibly miss their beautiful beaches most specially the spectacular white ones of Bali. Bali has become a world class tourist destination. Famous Hollywood movie stars often spend their vacation here. It is a perfect place for newlyweds too, who would love to spend their honeymoon in the island.

Bali Island, Indonesia
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Known as the Pearl of the Orient, Philippines is indeed boated of its glory offering lots of tourist attractions in the 7 thousand islands and more. The country is popular for its beautiful islands, white beaches, diving spots and a lot more. That is why millions of people from all over the world visit this place in Asia. Fortunately it's not only the places that attract tourists to visit the Philippines but the locals are equally interesting. Filipinos are certainly compassionate and very hospitable that even outsiders feel at home in this place. Phillipines is home to the world famous white beach of Boracay Island. Famous beaches are also found in Panglao Island, Bohol, and Palawan. Famous diving spots are found in Cebu and Bohol. Tourist spots like Taal Volcano and Taal Lake at Tagaytay will surely take your breath away. Other places worth seeing are Negros, Panay Island, Siquijor and more. The list is just endless and it will probably take a lifetime to discover the entire beauty of the Philippines. It is probably the reason why most foreigners choose to relocate here in the Philippines to absorb the magic of Asia. Especially those who are retired, they choose to spend their retirement days in this country.


Popularly known as the land of the rising sun, Japan houses best travel destinations of all seasons in its four islands, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Yokohama and Osaka. They hold attractions that range from historical places to natural sceneries to amusement parks to shopping centers. It is a rich country where history blends with culture. This fact can be witnessed in all four islands. They all have temples, historical buildings, museums and churches. The Kyoto Imperial Palace Park is first in the list of the famous historical places to visit. It was once the home to many Japanese emperors. To understand more of the Japanese religious background, you can visit Nijo Castle, Kinkakuji - Golden Pavilion, Sensoji Temple Asakusa, Shibuya, Meiji Jingu Shrine Confucian Shrine, Ryoanji Temple, Tochoji Temple, Hokozaki Shrine and Kiyomizu-dera Temple. If you are traveling with your children and you want them to remember Japanese history, take them to The Museum of Kyoto and Honda Museum. Different kinds of parks in Japan make it a perfect family holiday destination. For those who just want to enjoy the beauty of a natural environment, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, Nagasaki Peace Park, Ohori-Keon Japanese Garden and Hama Rikyu Garden which is considered the best garden in Tokyo. Visiting these parks also brings bits and pieces of Japanese history to the visitors. Hiroshima Park, for one, was then a port city that got destroyed due to the notorious atomic bomb explosion. For thrill and excitement, bring your children to Tokyo Disneyland. The young and the young at heart will not only enjoy the different rides in the amusement park but would also love to click photos. This is because the touch of Japanese architecture makes this Disneyland branch unique from its other branches worldwide. Hokkaido with its beautiful natural surroundings attracts many foreign and local tourists. Mount. Fuji is one of the must see places in this island. Every year it attracts more than a thousand hikers to explore and reach its snow-covered zenith.  Japan is also one of the best travel destinations for those who love to shop especially for modern gadgets. Most of the busiest Japanese stores are located in Ginza and Shibuya. Shinjuku is the best spot as it holds brightest casinos and gambling joints.

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Asia is a vacationer’s paradise. Come experience the magic for self and do let us know which destination you loved the most.

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Best Tourist Places to Visit in Summers

Summers are here and so is the eternal craving for a delicious holiday to a far off place. When we spell delicious, all that comes to mind are the picturesque landscapes, bright sunny beaches, snowy peaks and the happening market places. Well, that’s what a holiday is all about, right? But the best time to take a vacation is when the weather is also friendly, as in, it’s not raining heavily, or it’s not snowing, or it’s not chilling bad to even put a foot out of the house and it’s not stormy too. That perfect weather is found nowhere but in summers!

When summers in the ideal weather to plan for a scrumptious getaway, the globe has uncountable places to offer. Since it is not possible to discuss all in one blog, here we are with some just-the-right destinations around the world to tickle your senses:

Gold Coast of Australia and Sydney

If you go gaga over beaches, this is the place for you! North of Sydney to south of Cairns is a stretch along eastern Australian seaboard, which embraces the sea lovers coming in from all the corners of the globe.  The weather is amazing throughout the year and staying near the ocean is an absolute treat. Moreover, Sydney's large, safe and beautiful natural harbor gives all the more reasons to be in this place. With a living reputation of world’s most beautiful and livable cities, Sydney offers a cosmopolitan outlook with a rich cultural heritage to experience while on a holiday.

Sydney Beaches
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Oh yes! This land of sheikhs is an astounding place to visit.  It is undeniably a city of contrasts, where East meets west and old meets new with a dazzling smile.  Situated on a coastal strip bordered by majestic desert and calm blue waters of the Arabian Gulf, Dubai offers year-round sunshine and a unique Arabian experience of fantastic scenery, world-class shopping, luxurious hotels and fabulous dining. Dubai has been transformed from a small fishing village to a modern vibrant city where celebrities from the world around hop for holidays.

The Dubai skyline competes to be the world’s biggest, brightest and tallest. With the huge success of its ambitious campaign in 1990s to become one of the world’s top tourist destinations aided by a huge program of hotel building and the launch of its Emirates airline, Dubai today tops the holiday destination charts.


The vibrancy of Singapore speaks for self. It is one of the world's financial centers and famous for world-class shopping, modern architecture and delicious cuisine. Popularly known as the Lion City, it offers a unique experience for every visitor from colorful ethnic festivals to lively nightlife. Singapore the city has many other highlights like the Singapore Zoo, the famous Night Safari and the tropical theme park, Sentosa Island. This city has a fantastic tourism infrastructure and great public transport making it an ideal holiday destination and the perfect gateway to other South East Asian destinations.

Singapore Zoo
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It is a wonderful plethora of islands with amazing weather all year round. There is literally no bad time to relax and explore the mystical Hawaii. During the early spring some islands may get a little more rain than usual but you can always find sunshine and surfers here. Beaches are the highlight and loads of water-sports for you on the cards for sure. Waimea Canyon in Kauai, Waikiki beach, Pearl Harbor Oahu, Volcanoes National Park in Big Island and the USS Arizona Memorial, the very place where World War I began are some of the attractions to explore in Hawaii. The Polynesian Cultural Center at Hawaii is also an interesting place for those who are into exploring cultures. It's an excellent place to go and enjoy with your family where you will have the display of seven different villages and cultures and their intriguing lives. These Polynesian cultures are Hawaii, Aoteraroa (New Zealand), Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, and Marquesas. Once you have seen that, you will feel like you went to seven different places.


A country of beauty and mystery that attracts many travelers to its island resorts and busy cities, Thailand is totally enigmatic for a summer holiday. The culture, food and warm hospitality of the locals keep tourists coming back for more. With its two most popular beach resorts Pattaya and Phuket, Thailand invites for a fun filled time.

Pattaya is located on the Gulf of Thailand 150 km south of Bangkok. Known as the 'Thai Riviera' and one of South East Asia's best beach resorts, resort Pattaya attracts more than a million tourists annually from all over the world. Set along the 4km beachfront, Pattaya is renowned for high standard hotels, shopping, seafood restaurants, assorted international cuisine, water sports and its vibrant nightlife.

Phuket, the "Pearl of the South", is Thailand's largest island (48 km in length, 21 km wide) lying in the Andaman Sea off the country's southwestern coast and is connected to the mainland by a bridge. As one of Asia's premier beach resorts, Phuket is laced with beautiful white sandy beaches with warm clear water, pristine forests, shopping in up-market stores or traditional markets, many bars and restaurants, enchanting nightlife and friendly locals, makes Phuket complete holiday destination. It has also been voted one of the World's Top 5 retirement destinations by Fortune Magazine.

Phuket Beaches
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 Las Vegas, USA

The city has become a stand-alone holiday destination in its own right with many amazing hotels and casino complexes located along the famous Las Vegas Boulevard or "The Strip". Many of the hotels have created a fantasy-like atmosphere with names and themes that evoke romance, mystery, and far-away destinations. The "Entertainment Capital of the World" also boasts some of the biggest names and stage productions in entertainment including music stars, magicians and the Cirque du Soleil productions. Just a few hours away there is one of the natural wonders of the world - the Grand Canyon. Even if you are not a gambler there is a lot to do in Las Vegas!

Paris, France

Popularly known for being the most beautiful and romantic of all, Paris soothes your senses. It is highly influential in culture, art, fashion, food and design and is regarded as the most admired tourist destination in the world. Located on the banks of river Seine and housing the world famous Disneyland Park, and many other famous tourist attractions, it makes for a stupendous vacation place. The area north of the river, known as the Right Bank, includes the tree-lined Avenue des Champs-lyses, the Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre Museum. The area south of the river, known as the Left Bank, showcases the city's most famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower. A city famous for its fabulous architecture, good food, wine, street markets and galleries; we love Paris totally.

The Louvre Museu
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So folks, this is all from us for that exotic list of places to visit in summers. We are waiting for your suggestions if you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments space below.

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Top Tourist Places to Visit from India in June and July

Life does get onto one’s nerves with all the day-to-day demands and chaos around. At such times, especially when scorching Indian heat of June and July is adding on to the madness, all one needs is to get away from the clamor and travel to a peaceful place, be it for few days only. Indian plains tend to accumulate all the temperature in these two months. If the budgets are not a constraint, then a foreign land, which can rejuvenate the senses, is the best deal. Catching a flight to some place enigmatic is absolutely an appropriate move.

Here we present our choices on top tourist places to visit from India in June and July:

Amsterdam – Netherlands

One of the most happening places on the planet, where life never seems to take a lull. Lively, awe-inspiring, and brimming with happiness, is how we define Amsterdam. The popular tourist attractions like Royal Palace and the Neiwerk Kerk are not to be missed. If you are a night life hopper, hoards of night-clubs welcome you in Amsterdam. A windmill galore, this place is a pleasant sight while you enjoy trekking. For shopper’s it has Dam Square and Abert Cuvo, for all the interesting stuff you can bring back home. Soak in the chilling life of Amsterdam to get a respite from heat strokes of mid summer months.

city of canals, Amsterdam
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Miami – Florida

Planning to visit US? Well, this is one city we can vouch for! Laced with sunny beaches, offering enthralling water-sports, Miami is a paradise for people who love sea holidays. Take a splash in cool waters and laze around on the beach with some cool cocktails. Apart from summer months, this place also gets holiday makers all year round for the kind of weather it holds. It also houses one of the world’s most popular theme parks, Universal Studios, which will keep you busy with all the exciting stuff you can indulge in.

Bangkok - Thailand

This is probably one of the most popular destinations among the Indians. A favorite place for vacationers in June and July, Bangkok is a cultural heaven. It offers a number of opportunities which range from the simple pleasures of relaxation to indulging in a lot of cultural merriments. This also happens to be a romantic destination which will surely make your heart melt when you're with the love of your life.

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Capri Island - Italy

This land holds the privilege of becoming the backdrop for many national and international movies, for the simple reason that it homes some of the most beautiful landscapes of the planet. A famous getaway, Capri Island is studded with many natural and artificial jewels such as splendid hill slopes, astounding villas, spell binding coastal areas and magnificent churches those date back to Medieval Era. If you wish to create some of your own magical moments for life worth reeling, than Capri Island is the place to be.


It is fondly known as “Paradise on Earth” for some believable reasons. You can only know what we're talking about when you land into this beautiful country. The compelling splendor of this situate attracts people from all across the globe all the time. If you are in love, this place will excite you even more. It is almost a celebration of love. Everything from the amazing snowy Alps to the picturesque villages, from the rivers filled with music to gorgeous valleys, from breathtaking landscapes to adventurous trekking trails, all come together to invigorate your senses and make you forget everything else but the heavenly beauty of the surroundings. The out-of-this-world weather adds on to the experiences. The Chillon Castle, Zermatt, Geneva Jet D'eau, Swiss National Park and Swiss Transport Museum are the tourist attractions not to be missed. It is the Ideal place to visit from India in June and July.

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Are you a lover? Well it can be anything. A lover of art, a lover of fashion, or a lover of food! If you fall into any of the categories, Paris certainly is your calling. It is fondly known as “City of Love” for all kind of loves it caters to. This city emanates romance, fashion, style and sophistication with its elegant architecture, romantic neighborhoods, and charming restaurants. If you are an ardent shopper or you love to soak in the architectural splendor, Paris is the perfect summer destination for you.

That is all for now, on our top choices for a summer getaway. If you have anything to add on the places around the world where you would want to visit from India in June and July, please do share with us. We would love to know more about the incredible destinations around.

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Top Places to Visit in India in June and July

India is a land of natural heritage and astounding scenic beauty. With uncountable hill-tops worth visiting, it offers ample choices for a cool summer holiday. June and July are the hot months of the year when visitors from India and all across the globe start to hunt for vacation spots those can present some respite from scorching heat. All the mountain regions get flooded with vacationers hopping in from all the directions. But who wants to visit a crowded place?

If you are looking for summer getaways, which are beautiful, have beautiful weather and most importantly, are less crowded, here are our suggestions on top places to visit in India in June and July:

Narkanda - Himachal Pradesh

Almost all the vacationers head towards the usual choices for hill vacations located in Himachal Pradesh, like Shimla, Kullu Manali, Nainital etc. Here we talk about the less visited spot in Himachal, which offers breathtaking views of snow laden peaks, that is Narkanda. Located at an altitude of 2708 meters, at a 65kms drive from Shimla through Hindustan Tibet Road a.k.a NH -22, this serene place is perfect for a quiet summer escape.
Hill Vacations
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Binsar- Uttarakhand

One of the untouched spots by heaps of tourists, away from maddening crowds of popular hill-stations, Binsar makes an idealistic location to unwind and revitalize. It is located at the height of 2,240 meters from sea level. The spellbinding views of mountains like Chaukhamba, Nanda Devi, Trishul and Panchchuli are the highlights of this summer spot. Not only is the scenic splendor, Binsar also rich in historical heritage as it served as the capital of the region during the reign of Chand Rajas in 7th and 8th Centuries. It is situated at a comfortable drive of 95kms from Nainital and 33kms from Almora. Popular hospitality giants such as Club Mahindra and KMNV Bunglow have made their choice for laying down their resorts in Binsar, hence, a comfortable stay is not at all a problem.  

Gulmarg - Jammu & Kashmir
Oh yes! The Kashmir valley is all set to invite the vacationers again to its beautiful lap. Just the thought of Kashmir brings the soft silky meadows and high rise snow laden peaks in front of the eyes. Gulmarg, the name itself is enough to relax the senses. A long-established summer spot more than perfect for a chilly vacation! Besides the scenic beauty, it also offers loads of adventure activities to make the holiday a thrilling treat. Horse riding, hiking, a golf game, cable car riding to Khilanmarg are the not-to-be-missed offerings. Approximately 50kms form Srinagar; Gulmarg has no dearth of stay options with numerous hotels and resorts on its palette. 

Lansdowne – Uttarakhand

Well, if you are short on time and looking for a quick break, Landsdowne is the place for you! Cool, quiet, away from chaos, breathtakingly beautiful and very easy drive from Delhi airport! Surrounded by thick oak and blue alpine trees, Landsdowne is not at all a bust place. It doesn’t offer a lot of thrilling activities. It is the place for people who are willing to spend some time in seclusion amidst spectacular natural exquisiteness. Long walks, reading and connecting with self is all you do when you are in this tranquil land. It is easily accessible at a distance of approximately 300kms from Delhi. If you wish to travel by train, nearest railway station is Kotdwara, 45kms away from the place. 
Uttarakhand Tourist Places
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Rains; another relief from sultry towns! And you get them in abundance in Meghalaya. Aptly called the “Abode of Clouds”, this wet land is situated in north-east region of India. For very obvious reasons it attracts tourists round the year. It is laced with historic wealth and cascading waterfalls. Shillong is capital city of Meghalaya and it is another popular and a must place to visit in June and July. Cherrapunji receives the highest rains in the year and is worth a visit to feel the rain showers to the heart’s content. Do not miss the Ward Lake when you are visitng Meghalaya. 

Munnar - Kerala

As the plains start to burn under sun in June, Munnar is one of the destinations that experience the arrival of rains. To relish a magnificent sight of blue hills engulfed in white mist, plan a holiday to this heaven in Kerala, in the Southern part of India! Lush green hills and sweeping views of tea plantations create picture perfect scenery for the eyes to soak in. Location wise it is at 1600 meters above the sea level and is very close to Tamil Nadu Border, 130kms away from Kochi.
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Last but not the least of our choices is Sikkim. Sitting peacefully in the foothills of Kanchenjunga, this thumb-shaped land is a North Eastern state of India. Popular for Buddhist monasteries, pristine lakes, garrulous streams and hot water springs, Sikkim is a fabulous place to visit in India in the months of June and July. The famous attractions that you can visit in Sikkim are Gangtok which is also the capital city, Borong Ralong Hot Spring, Nathula Pass, Tsomgo Lake, Enchey Monastery and Bakthang Waterfalls. 

So these were our endearing choices on places to visit in India in June and July, which offer a calming vacation allowing you to experience the actual essence of a much needed break. Plan a holiday to one of these, and you wouldn’t be disappointed.

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Holidays for “Our Gang of Girls”

Traveling with family is fun. But spending time with friends is also important. Going out with friends strengthens the bond and makes us know each other better. Going out with your gang of girls is a trip of a lifetime. An all girls gang means loads of fun, adventure and shopping!

Safety is one of the most important criteria for girls to consider before they plan a trip. There are a lot of safe destinations around the world that are women friendly. Here is a list of some of the hottest destinations for your girl gang to conquer. They offer relaxation and fun, along with some great memories.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, the dream destination for almost all travelers, is often described as the Sin city and the Entertainment Capital. One of the largest cities in the United States of Nevada, Las Vegas is famous for giant casino hotels, gambling and entertainment. Most people think that Vegas is a destination for boys but it is a wonderland for women too. Girls can take private poker lessons and get crazy at a casino. Mouth-watering dishes and some great cocktails are on offer at most casinos in the city. You can dare friends to go for pole dancing classes. Night life is happening and full of entertainment.

Las Vegas, Nevada
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Hong Kong

An ultimate shopping destination, nothing can beat Hong Kong if all that you are looking for is some great shopping and distressing. From electronics, jewelry, high-end fashion and antiques to branded clothes, Hong Kong is a shopper's paradise. Interestingly, it has no sales tax or value added tax (VAT) and so the shopping opportunities for women become endless. A blend of tradition and modernity, Hong Kong has major attractions like The Peak, Giant Buddha, Outlying Islands, Disneyland, Ocean Park and Victoria Peak, among others.

Goa, India

Nothing is more relaxing than a beach and Goa is just the right mix of sun and sand for women. Pack your sunglasses and swimsuits and spend some lazy hours on the beach soaking in the sun. Goa has a great night life and cabs are easily available. You can hire a car or a scooty too to enjoy the sun-kissed place. Shopping markets are known for their cosmopolitan products with things like clothes, accessories, seashells and brassware available at cheap prices. The Wednesday market at Anjuna Beach, the Saturday night market at Baga beach and the Friday market at Mapusa are some of the spots where interesting souvenirs can be bought at reasonable prices.

holidays in Goa
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With bright blue waters, beautiful beaches, and a range of accommodation, large number of tourists plans a trip to the Caribbean each year. Islands considered safe for women include Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, the Virgin Islands, St. Kitts and Nevis, Turks and Caicos and the Bahamas. Jamaica offers some great reggae music and spicy scrumptious meals. Blue Mountain Coffee in Jamaica is the best destination for women. It is replete with waterfalls, beaches and mountains.


Ladakh is the land of freezing winds and burning sun and is often called 'Little Tibet'. An ultimate adventure destination, it is full of peaceful monasteries. Ladakh is full of postcard beauty and is not open to tourists for most part of the year.  Girls can hire a cab and take a tour of this natural beauty with safety.

A white water river rafting expedition along the 26-kilometre stretch from Fhey to Nimo along the mighty Indus River is the highest point where river rafting is possible in the world. Drass, Kargil, Zanskar, Padum, Sanku, Nubra valleys etc are breathtakingly beautiful places. In the sleepy pastoral countryside of Nubra on the Indo-Pak border, you can see the co-existence of water, mountain and desert, a rare sight.

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Get ready for a trip of a lifetime and get your girlfriends together. Why should boys have all the fun!
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